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Recent Submissions

  • The reproductive efficiency of big and small ewes 

    Rutherford, Lisa (Lincoln University, 2002)
    The reproductive performance of big and small ewes was investigated in a study carried out on the Lincoln University Research Farm, Ashley Dene, between January and August 2002. 635 mixed age ewes (mainly Coopworth) were ...
  • The effect of the lime-molybdenum interaction on some properties of pasture soils 

    Harris, A. J. (Canterbury Agricultural College, University of New Zealand, 1955)
    Molybdenum is the most recent addition to the list of those elements essential for plant growth. Such insignificant amounts are required to give benefit on deficient areas that results from its application are truly amazing, ...
  • Foreshore reserves 

    Ryan, R. J. (Lincoln College, University of Canterbury, 1986)
    Throughout history people have recognised the importance of the narrow strip of land immediately behind the land sea interface. The build their houses, villages, towns and cities within easy reach of the sea. Access to and ...
  • Cost recovery - at what cost? 

    Daniel, D. J. (Lincoln College, University of Canterbury, 1987)
    The world trend is to recover costs for services and products provided by government. No longer is it a matter of what might be desirable in presenting and implementing agricultural policy – rather it is, what are the ...
  • Pedological studies of soils of the Tekapo set in East Lake Pukaki Region, South Canterbury, New Zealand 

    Webb, T. H. (Lincoln College, University of Canterbury, 1976)
    Techniques were devised to map and describe the extremely variable soil pattern associated with moraines in the East Lake Pukaki Region. In such cases there arises a conflict between cost, utility, scale of mapping and ...

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