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An economic analysis of large-scale land development for agriculture and forestry

Ward, J. T.
Parkes, E. D.
Grainger, M. B.
Fenton, R. T.
Fields of Research
ANZSRC::0701 Agriculture, Land and Farm Management , ANZSRC::140201 Agricultural Economics , ANZSRC::120504 Land Use and Environmental Planning
This publication is the report of an economic analysis of large-scale land development for agriculture and forestry. It is based on a case study of the Maraetai block on the pumice country in the Taupo-Rotorua area. In addition to this, however, it is also the report of an exercise in cooperation between a number of organisations that have widely differing interests in land development. The Agricultural Economic Research Unit at Lincoln College is interested in the theoretical basis of assessing long term investment and in how analytical techniques may be applied in the field; the Department of Lands and Survey is concerned with developing land for settlement, while the responsibility for farmers after settlement rested until recently with the State Advances Corporation; the Forest Service is similarly concerned with developing land for exotic forests. Not infrequently, the land earmarked by the Forest Service for afforestation is also suitable for land settlement and a conflict of interest between the government departments occurs. The main aim of this study was to suggest a method of analysis for land development which was suitable for all departments and to seek their co-operation in applying it to case studies.