Emerging advances in biosecurity to underpin human, animal, plant, and ecosystem health

Hulme, Philip
Beggs, JR
Binny, RN
Bray, JP
Cogger, N
Dhami, MK
Finlay-Smits, SC
French, NP
Grant, A
Hewitt, Chad
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Journal Article
Fields of Research
ANZSRC::410202 Biosecurity science and invasive species ecology , ANZSRC::410401 Conservation and biodiversity , ANZSRC::410203 Ecosystem function
One Biosecurity is an interdisciplinary approach to policy and research that builds on the interconnections between human, animal, plant, and ecosystem health to effectively prevent and mitigate the impacts of invasive alien species. To support this approach requires that key cross-sectoral research innovations be identified and prioritized. Following an interdisciplinary horizon scan for emerging research that underpins One Biosecurity, four major interlinked advances were identified: implementation of new surveillance technologies adopting state-of-the-art sensors connected to the Internet of Things, deployable handheld molecular and genomic tracing tools, the incorporation of wellbeing and diverse human values into biosecurity decision-making, and sophisticated socio-environmental models and data capture. The relevance and applicability of these innovations to address threats from pathogens, pests, and weeds in both terrestrial and aquatic ecosystems emphasize the opportunity to build critical mass around interdisciplinary teams at a global scale that can rapidly advance science solutions targeting biosecurity threats.