The agribusiness consultancy profession in 2020

Garland, Chris
Fields of Research
ANZSRC::070106 Farm Management, Rural Management and Agribusiness , ANZSRC::150312 Organisational Planning and Management
The agribusiness consultancy profession has undergone significant change since the early 1980's. An early finding in this investigation is that the profession has evolved largely in reaction to changes in the industry. There has been very little proactive change. There hasn't been a lot of leadership. Sole traders and small consultancy firms are currently not well equipped to service the needs of clients over the next 15 years. The size, the ownership structure, the technical requirements and the external demands on our clients are going to change rapidly between now and 2020. The successful agribusiness consultant of tomorrow will have to acquire new skill sets. The services required by the farm business of 2020 will most effectively be provided by a "team servicing" approach rather than by one individual. As well as acquiring new skills, agribusiness consultancy firms face challenges to their own business planning and practice management. The "future-proofed" consultancy business will have a defined growth and marketing strategy that will be well resourced and implemented. It will practice what it preaches to its clients. It will take a pro-active role in anticipating industry trends and in coaching its clients to succeed in that business environment. The agribusiness consultancy profession must accept a leadership role in defining best practice for tomorrow's industry.