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Do the teachers share the greater 'burden' of blended learning? : an evaluation of innovative approaches to economics teaching

Ratna, Nazmun N.
MacDonald, Ian A.
Ward, M.
Conference Contribution - published
Fields of Research
ANZSRC::130103 Higher Education
Teachers are increasingly expected by university management to teach using flexible, blended and online teaching practices. Some teachers are intrinsically motivated to innovative, while others widespread resistance. In this paper we use the Cost-Benefit Analysis (CBA) framework to evaluate the adoption of innovative approaches for teaching two economics courses at Lincoln University. Although it is difficult to estimate the costs and benefit in dollar value, as is done in a traditional economic analysis, we argue that the CBA framework provides a rationale for adoption for individual teachers, and more importantly, a very clear policy direction for those who are tasked with shifting teaching practice across an entire faculty or institution.