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An object-oriented software framework for the farm-scale simulation of nitrate leaching from agricultural land uses – IRAP FarmSim

Good, J
Bright, J
Conference Contribution - published
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ANZSRC::080110 Simulation and Modelling , ANZSRC::070103 Agricultural Production Systems Simulation
The purpose of this project is the creation of a framework that will allow the prediction of drainage flux and nitrate leaching from a whole farm taking into account a full range of agricultural activities. Ultimately, the simulation framework will be used to provide nitrate and drainage flux input values for a regional groundwater model. In addition, the project aims to provide a highly effective and adaptable farm-scale simulation framework that has application well beyond the scope of nitrate leaching prediction. It is being implemented as a component-based simulation, utilising models produced by research collaborators within the Integrated Research for Aquifer Protection (IRAP) programme and from the public domain. The simulation framework consists of a variable number of individual paddock simulations controlled by a detailed farm-scale management component. When complete, FarmSim will be able to represent a wide range of agricultural activities including pasture-based grazing (sheep and dairy farming) and cropping using a wide range of cropping models applicable in New Zealand.
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