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Christchurch tomorrow : a discussion of the future development of Christchurch as a regional centre

Wood, J. W.
Discussion Paper
Fields of Research
This discussion is about the goals and aspirations that the citizenry of Christchurch should adopt in planning the future development of their city. It leaves aside any consideration of the likely success or failure in achieving these objectives and concentrates rather on what the objectives should be with regard especially to the city as a regional centre. The discussion is developed by first considering three topics that largely provide the framework within which the future of Christchurch will inevitably be decided. These topics are: 1. The dimensions of the region dominated by Christchurch. 2. The recent changes within the Christchurch region. 3. The general form that regional policy should take in New Zealand. These discussions provide the necessary background to considering the final topic: 4. The objectives that Christchurch should strive for both for itself and its surrounding region.