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Tourism in Rotorua : destination evolution and recommendations for management

Simmons, David G.
Fairweather, John R.
Fields of Research
ANZSRC::1506 Tourism
This report provides a synthesis of seven separate reports into key aspects of tourism in Rotorua, and makes recommendations for the future management of the sector. The overall conclusion of this study is that tourism in Rotorua appears to be at an economically, environmentally and socially sustainable level at present. While future growth seems assured in the short-term there are a number of challenges in maintaining the long-term sustainability of the sector, and its role in regional social and economic development. The key areas of risk are those associated with the broader institutional, environmental and social elements of tourism management. The main thrust of the results from this research programme is that tourism planning needs to focus at a broad level. However, this report also has specific implications for the marketing of tourism some of which are noted here. Many of our recommendations therefore apply to those organisations with a broader societal and environmental mandate than tourism alone.