Cardiac effects of natural and artificial EMR:

Cherry, Neil J.
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The heart is a muscular organ whose regular coordinated contraction, called a heart beat, is regulated by an electrical pulse that initiates a cascade of calcium ions that carry the message into all the heart cells to initiate the contraction of the heart beat. Therefore it is biologically plausible that natural and artificial electromagnetic fields will interfere with the heart activity. It has been shown that external ELF fields cause altered calcium-concentrations in neurons and heart cells. Altered blood pressure is associated with the Schumann Resonance signal, along with its modulation of human heart disease and mortality rates in a homeostatic manner. Electrical and electronic workers, radio/TV workers are shown to have increased risks of heart disease and mortality. We all live in electromagnetic fields which act to contribute to increase the rate of cardiac disease and death. A new high risk factor is the usage of a cellphone. Cellphones have been shown to interfere with electronic pacemakers. Therefore it is very reasonable that they will interfere with biological pacemakers, that is, our hearts. The use of a cellphone is associated with significant increase of blood pressure. This is a symptom of hypertension and shows that there is a cardiac risk factor. This risk factor is strongly confirmed in the context of the Schumann Resonance signal effects, electrical workers effects and altered cardiac functions in radio, TV and radar exposed workers.
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