Reproductive effects from EMF/EMR exposure

Cherry, Neil J.
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Epidemiology is fundamental science and the strongest evidence for the assessment of human health effects of disease agents. Many epidemiological studies have shown elevated reproductive problems from exposure to electromagnetic fields and radiation. There are well-established plausible biological mechanisms including genotoxic effects, altered calcium-ions and reduced melatonin. Animal experiments show many reproductive health effects from acute and chronic RF/MW exposures, confirming that there is a non-thermal mechanism, consistent with a genotoxic substance. Reproductive effects identified by epidemiology include miscarriage, congestive malformation, stillbirths, sudden infant death syndrome, reduced sperm counts, infertility and passing on cancer to the children. The observed effects are all consistent with the identified biological mechanisms. Taken together there is very strong evidence that acute and chronic exposure to electromagnetic fields and radiation enhances the risks of reproductive health problems and therefore exposures should be significantly reduced to reduce the risk.
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