Contouring and earthwork estimation for bordered strip irrigation

Harrington, G. J.
Fields of Research
ANZSRC::080110 Simulation and Modelling , ANZSRC::070102 Agricultural Land Planning
Computer programmes were developed for processing data from grid, direct, and random stadia field contouring systems. The three systems were evaluated for their use in providing contour plans for bordered strip irrigation design. A computer method of calculating the earthwork volumes associated with bordered strip irrigation was developed which uses terrain data from the above surveying methods or any other convenient source. This method was compared with land grading to form plane or warped paddock surfaces onto which levees may be formed, thus creating bordered strips. With the aid of the bordered strip earthwork calculating programme, the effect of changes of bordered strip paddock layout and slope restraints was investigated. An attempt to correlate estimated earthworks with earthmoving machine times was made.