Sawmill pioneers in the Pelorus: A dissertation submitted to Lincoln College in part fulfilment of the requirements of the Diploma in Parks and Recreation - Ranger option

New Zealanders', through no fault of their own, are very ignorant of their Provinces' past history. Men and women who made that history slowly fade away and their story remains untold. The Pelorus district's early history was rapidly becoming a sad example of this common occurrance when I first began to delve into it. Sawmilling began nearly 120 years ago and was past its' peak about 65 years ago. As a result finding people who had experienced that exciting period were few and far between. This work is an in depth coverage of these peoples story, concentrating on the two main Companys in the area. Their story is undoubtedly similar in many ways to other sawmilling operations throughout New Zealand, but many aspects make both, unique and outstanding examples of the pioneering sawmillers achievements. What I hope to gain by doing this is to make the districts governing bodies of public land, aware of these two historic operations and their remains. The end result being greater public awareness and appreciation.
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