The Faculty of Environment, Society and Design provides expertise in environmental design, computing, resource planning, transport studies, landscape architecture, recreation management, social sciences, tourism, communication and exercise science.

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  • Understanding the creation and use of polar weather and climate information 

    Thoman Jr, R. L.; Dawson, J.; Liggett, D.; Lamers, M.; Stewart, Emma; Ljubicic, G.; Knol, M.; Hoke, W. (American Meteorological Society, 2017-01)
    The aim of the second PPP-SERA meeting was to identify some of the foundational socioeconomic questions, gaps, and research needs for improving the interface between weather and climate data production, forecast services ...
  • The role of communities in post-disaster recovery planning: A Diamond Harbour case study 

    Love, Robert; Vallance, Suzanne A. (Lincoln University Planning Association, 2013-12)
    Though there is strong agreement in the literature that community participation in disaster recovery is crucial, there is a lack of consensus over what might constitute a model of disaster recovery ‘best practice’ of ...
  • 'Lag-effect' politics and the politicisation of New Zealand farmers: Where to from here? 

    Duncan, Ronlyn (Lincoln University Planning Association, 2017-12)
    Responding to diffuse agricultural pollution is plagued by the considerable period of time it can take before ecological thresholds are breached and the impacts of actions on land become evident in water. Reflecting on ...
  • An investigation into the use of visualisations in the Resource Consent Process 

    Baird, Benjamin M; Rennie, Hamish (Lincoln University Planning Association, 2017)
    The use of Computer Aided Design (CAD) drawings or other static images (including photo-shop and simulations) to visualise potential future situations is common and powerful in planning processes. Its production, use and ...
  • Nation, city, place: Rethinking nationalism 

    Egoz, Yael S. (Landscape Review, 2007)
    In the past two decades academic interest in, and discussion of, identity and place mainly arose in the context of globalisation, its drive to homogenise culture and the role architecture may play in resisting the negative ...

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